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kadasarva [userpic]
by kadasarva (kadasarva)
at January 22nd, 2013 (03:23 pm)

5pot [userpic]
FANU (Fin., Lightless, Ninja Tune, Subtitles) Live @ BarcodeBar
by 5pot (5pot)
at September 7th, 2012 (04:38 pm)


- это абсолютный фанат брейкбита из Хельсинки, Финляндия. Хозяин Lightless Recordings, музыкант, диджей, ведущий радиошоу, скейтбордист и настоящий драмфанк гений! 
На этот раз он готовит для Вас свой феерический лайв-сэт. Интереснейшие переплетения непростого Drum'n'Bass, вдумчивого Downtempo и разудалого брейкбита в сопровождении космических атмосфер и джазовых сэмплов! 

Любителям барабанов и басов пропускать такое строго не рекомендуется!

Вход 350р. С флаером 250р

Barcode Bar, Санкт-Петербург, Московский пр. 10/12 

fature_net [userpic]
[FNet028] Musica Para Porro I Casa By Leithal
by fature_net (fature_net)
at September 26th, 2011 (09:54 am)
current song: electronic; abstract; experimental; breaks; soundart

Released: 2011-09-18
Tags: electronic; abstract; experimental; breaks; soundart

The music of differences. A mixed bag of tunes, sounding like a compilation album with no central thread just the knots of sound patterned in a coherent way, sometimes working out. Sometimes sketches of ideas which in themselves are legitimate and complete.
Once and only once described as the bastard offspring of Jean Michel Jarre and Aphex Twin... Anyone want to adopt?

Release page
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clncl [userpic]
ca468 - Valery & The Greedies - Where's Satan?
by clncl (clncl)
at September 14th, 2011 (03:28 pm)

Artist: Valery & The Greedies
Title: Where's Satan?
Date: 2011-09-12
Keywords: new wave; post-punk; funk; indie
(320 kbps)

"Where's Satan?" this is the album by Valery & The Greedies (New Wave/Funk from Russian Federation).
Album was recorded from 4/22/2011 to 5/26/2011.
The band "Valery & The Greedies" had been playing since February 2008.
This music is the quintessence of different styles of music of the 70-s and 80-s: funk, new wave, indie etc.


fature_net [userpic]
[FNet027] Various - Games Without Frontiers (Remixes)
by fature_net (fature_net)
at September 14th, 2011 (09:55 am)
current song: peter gabriel; games without frontiers; remix

Three quarters of the Faturenet Admin team and The Tossintons from the Dystopiaq netlabel have teamed up together to present you this fine EP which brings a classic Peter Gabriel track up to date, Games Without Frontiers.

Release page
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clncl [userpic]
ca467 - Ujjaya - The Master of Crossroads
by clncl (clncl)
at September 7th, 2011 (02:25 pm)

Artist: Ujjaya
Title: The Master of Crossroads
Date: 2011-09-06
Keywords: ethno-ambient; processed guitar; electroacoustic
(320 kbps)

This album was played for a ballet made by Vanessa Villain, called "Subliminal", telling how the man exploit the Earth and how in return nature take her revenge. Shortly after happens the one of most devastating tsunami in south-east Asia.
Raksha Bandhan is dedicated to Ganga Bharty & Morihei Ueshiba.
The all album is dedicated to the Sadhu who lived on the top of Arunachala (the hill behind Tiruvinamalai)

Ujjaya is one man project, Randriambololona Hery, living in France but who have malagasy root, and travel throughIndia and South-east Asia, playing dozen of exotic instruments. At the very begining in the ealy 90 I was an electric guitarist that was fascinated with the unexplore potency of that instrument. As a spiritual seeker too, my music basically rooted in the metal, prog rock was aiming more and more toward the ambient music.


clncl [userpic]
ca462 - Tobias Herzz Hallbauer - Verses 2
by clncl (clncl)
at August 12th, 2011 (06:25 pm)

Artist: Tobias Herzz Hallbauer
Title: Verses 2
Date: 2011-08-10
Keywords: indie; electronica; alternative; krautrock; trip hop; other
(320 kbps)

„Verses 2“ is the new solo album of german musician Tobias Herzz Hallbauer. It contains eight tracks, based on poems of (mostly english) authors from the late 19th / early 20th century:
Konstantinos Kavafis („Walls“), William Allingham („An Evening“), George Eliot („Roses“), Francis Thompson („An Arab Love Song“), Amy Lowell („The Bungler“), Delmira Agustini („I Live, I Die, I Burn, I Drown“), Stephen Crane („And You Love Me“) and John Davidson („Song“).


fature_net [userpic]
[FNet026] Babungus - Knuckle Chunder
by fature_net (fature_net)
at August 9th, 2011 (09:26 am)
current song: electronic, dubstep, breaks, drum & bass, experimental

Release Date: 31st July 2011
Format: MP3 x18 (320 kbps)
Tags: electronic, dubstep, breaks, drum & bass, experimental

"Stunning" is one word that best describes Babungus's first solo release
with Faturenet Recordings. Knuckle Chunder delivers on virtually every
level and has countless styles that take you on a new journey every
time, without drifting too far out. The production is perfect and we
think this will be an instant hit. Hopefully you will agree!

Rambunctious (Preview track)
Release page
Direct download

clncl [userpic]
ca460 - Trigg - Soil
by clncl (clncl)
at August 4th, 2011 (09:45 am)

Artist: Trigg
Title: Soil
Date: 2011-07-30
Keywords: ambient; trip hop; electronic
(320 kbps)

Follow trigg in his journey into the land of soundscapes, eclectic beats, lush melodies and atmospheric grooves. This album contains 13 tracks, each of them in a different space.
Bart Knol, a.k.a Gritt also works under the Trigg moniker. A totally different style and feel. While Gritt is known for his hard hitting dubstep bangers, Trigg Is easy going, full of playfull melodies and cinematic atmospheres.


clncl [userpic]
ca457 - Bubamara Brass Band - Bubamarija / Kashtanizma (EP)
by clncl (clncl)
at July 16th, 2011 (01:17 am)

Artist: Bubamara Brass Band
Title: Bubamarija / Kashtanizma (EP)
Date: 2011-07-12
Keywords: world; balkan brass; gypsy; ethnic; jazz
(320 kbps)

This orchestra possesses tremendous positive power which, apparently, should be the integral attribute of the Balkan music, but is far not at each foreign collective it turns out such shaking and positive. «Bubamara Brass Band» – a pleasant exception.

Этот оркестр обладает потрясающей позитивной энергетикой, которая, казалось бы, должна являться неотъемлемым атрибутом балканской музыки, но далеко не у каждого иностранного коллектива получается такой уж потрясающей и позитивной. «Bubamara Brass Band» – приятное исключение.



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